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The El Paso Climate Charter, also known as Proposition K, is a proposed policy aimed at reducing the city’s contributions to climate change and investing in a sustainable future.

The proposition has sparked a debate among local leaders, with some expressing their agreement and others raising concerns.

Veronica Carbajal, head of the Husticia Fronteriza organization, believes that the Climate Charter is exactly what the city needs.

She sees it as a long-overdue effort by local leadership to address the environment in a meaningful and sustainable way.

However, Congressman Tony Gonzalez has voiced his concerns about the proposition, arguing that it will put a financial burden on El Paso residents.

He believes that if Proposition K passes, El Pasoans will have to spend hundreds of additional dollars on their energy costs every day.

The voters will ultimately decide the fate of the Climate Charter.

The proposition will be on the ballots on May 6th, and its passage or rejection will have significant implications for the city’s environmental policies and financial future.

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