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El Paso Border Patrol Struggles to Contain Hundreds of Migrants Demanding Asylum

On Sunday, a large group of migrants attempted to cross the border in El Paso, only to be stopped by U.S.


The migrants had broken through Mexican lines to demand asylum in the United States, frustrated with problems securing appointments using a new U.S.

government app.

Many of the migrants had gathered at the Paso del Norte bridge, but were unable to cross.

Some had small children with them, and at one point, a group of migrants attempted to hurl an orange plastic barrier at the U.S.


Some reports suggest that pepper spray was deployed to quell the unrest.

One migrant at the scene expressed frustration, saying, “This website doesn’t work, it really doesn’t.

I’ve been waiting here and there really is no solution.” Eventually, the crowd of migrants withdrew, with some heading down to the banks of the Rio Grande, where they were monitored by U.S.

immigration officials stationed on the other side.

The incident highlights the ongoing struggle faced by border officials as they attempt to contain the influx of migrants attempting to enter the United States.

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