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30 Homes in Northern California’s Woodside Threatened by Potential Mudslide Deadly Fungus Spreading in U.S. Healthcare Facilities Raises Concern

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado hit Irving during Thursday’s storm, with winds reaching 105-110 miles per hour at its peak.

The Garden Grove Townhomes on Shady Grove Road were among the buildings affected, with the high winds peeling off roofs and causing debris to land on several cars.

The Duck Creek neighborhood in Grand Prairie also experienced strong winds that pushed down wooden fences, while the warehouse for the humanitarian aid organization World Vision was damaged, with part of the roof ripped off and debris scattered across the parking lot.

There are concerns about the outer walls and possible collapse, and engineers are currently assessing the damage.

A tornado warning was issued for Dallas County during the storm, which also produced heavy rain and rotation.

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