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Edmond, Oklahoma City Council members have approved an $81 million loan for major construction projects.

The loan will fund the construction of a new library, a new YMCA building, and new city offices.

The current library in Edmond is heavily used, with over a million books or assets checked out each year.

The new YMCA building will help meet the demand for park facilities in the growing city.

The new city offices will be a two-story, 59,000 square-foot building that will house city services, the council, and a municipal court under one roof.

The existing buildings near Main and Littler Avenue will be demolished to make way for the new building.

The city plans to pay off the debt in 15 years using existing sales tax revenue, with no new taxes being imposed.

The new buildings are expected to improve efficiency and provide better services to the growing population of Edmond.

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