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Ed Sheeran Speaks Out After Winning Lawsuit Over Alleged Song Theft
After a New York jury found him not guilty of copying Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get It On,” Ed Sheeran has spoken out about his experience.

Sheeran expressed his devastation at being accused of stealing someone else’s song.

The singer, who is just “a guy with a guitar who loves writing music for people to enjoy,” stated that he is not and will never be a piggy bank for anyone to shake.
The case, which has been ongoing for the past eight years, has revolved around the use of common chords and building blocks used in songwriting every day all over the world.

Sheeran believes that unfounded claims like this are being fueled by individuals who are offered as music experts in musical analysis.

In this case, the other side presented different pitches as melody, which Sheeran believes created misleading comparisons and disinformation to find supposed similarities where none exist.
Sheeran added that he is grateful that the jury saw through those attempts and that it is dangerous for potential claimants who may be convinced to bring a bogus claim, as well as songwriters facing them.

If the jury had decided the other way, Sheeran believes that it would have been the end of creative freedom for songwriters.
Sheeran also talked about the toll that the trial has taken on everyone involved and that he missed being with his family at his grandmother’s funeral in Ireland.

He thanked the jury for making the decision that will help protect the creative process of songwriters in the United States and around the world.
In conclusion, Sheeran called for songwriters and the community to come together and bring back common sense.

He believes that these claims need to be stopped so that the creative process can carry on, and everyone can go back to making music.

At the same time, Sheeran emphasized that trusted musical analysis is essential to support genuine claims, so legitimate claims are rightly heard and resolved.

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