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Ed Sheeran has been found not liable in a copyright infringement case where he was accused of copying parts of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in his hit song “Thinking Out Loud.” The jury reached their decision on Thursday, and after the verdict was read, Sheeran spoke out about the toll that these trials take on everyone involved.

He thanked the jury for making a decision that would help protect the creative process of songwriters, and he also thanked his team and the songwriters, musicians, and bands who supported him during the difficult process.

Sheeran emphasized the need for the writers and the wider community to come together and bring back common sense to these types of claims.

He also said that trusted individuals and experts need to help support the process.

Despite the emotional toll of the trial, Sheeran said he feels great and expressed relief that he was not found liable for theft.

During the two-week trial, he played his guitar and performed his song from the witness stand to underscore his testimony.

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