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Echo Park Community Concerned Over Possible Removal of Fence Around Lake

Residents of Echo Park have expressed their worries about the removal of the chain-link fence around Echo Park Lake.

A town hall meeting was held to discuss the fate of the fence, with some residents arguing that it has helped prevent homeless encampments from taking over the area.

Council member Hugo Soto Martinez, who campaigned on removing the fence, has stated that it will eventually come down.

However, many residents fear that this could result in safety issues and an increase in homelessness in the area.

The fence was erected around Echo Park Lake after a large encampment with more than 180 people was dismantled, and the removal of the fence has been a contentious issue ever since.

While some argue that the fence is necessary for safety reasons, others believe that it is a divisive symbol that does not address the root causes of homelessness.

During the town hall meeting, residents expressed concerns about safety and the potential for increased homelessness in the area if the fence is removed.

Some also voiced their frustrations with the new administration, arguing that their concerns are not being heard.

There is no set date for the removal of the fence, but another town hall meeting will be held on Saturday for English speakers.

The issue remains a polarizing one, with both sides advocating for their position.

The fate of the fence will ultimately be decided by the city council, who will take into account the concerns of residents and the safety of the community.

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