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We are currently tracking an early season snowstorm in the High Country tonight. Our team has reported heavy snowfall throughout the day. This storm is particularly helpful for businesses in preparation for the upcoming ski season, which is just weeks away.

ABC 10’s Luke Clary spoke to operators of a family fun ski resort who expressed their gratitude for the snowstorm. They mentioned that any help they can get is appreciated.

The weather conditions have worsened as you go further Northeast on Interstate 80, with heavy rain and snow making road conditions hazardous. As the night progresses and temperatures drop, the slush on the roads turns into ice.

Tow truck driver Bud MTO shared his experience of assisting one driver who got stuck in these conditions. He mentioned that usually when someone needs a tow truck, it’s not a good day for them.

However, he also noted that drivers in these conditions are usually happy to see the tow truck. Bud MTO advised drivers to stay at home if possible, as it is unsafe to be out in this weather unless absolutely necessary.

Further down the road, the snowstorm was welcomed by those at a nearby ski resort, who saw it as a reminder of last year’s record snowfall. The snow that has fallen so far will make for a good base, but also creates slippery driving conditions.

The resort’s manager, Davis Beian, mentioned that if they receive one or two more big snowstorms, they could open within a few days. Despite the excitement, owner Janet Tuttle acknowledged that running a ski resort comes with its challenges, but is still grateful for the amount of snow they have received. She expressed her hope for another successful season like last year. In terms of ski resorts in the area, Heavenly, Northstar, and Boreal are set to open for skiing in just 10 days.

Palisay Tahoe and Kirkwood are not far behind. Ski resorts are optimistic for another snowy year to keep their lifts running until July 4th..

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