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Title: Dublin Prison Sex Assault Survivor Seeks Compassionate Release After BOP Denies

A 44-year-old woman from San Diego is fighting for early release from prison, citing harassment, groping, and retaliation by multiple officers at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Dublin.

Amy Shaveera, the survivor, argues that no one should have to endure sexual abuse while serving a prison sentence.

Shaveera, who was sexually abused between 2019 and 2021 during her time at FCI Dublin, claims that officers repeatedly harassed and groped her.

Furthermore, she alleges that she faced retaliation after speaking out about the abuse, resulting in her transfer to a prison in Phoenix.

Seeking justice, Shaveera’s attorney filed a motion on Thursday to reduce her 10-year prison sentence, which is set to end in 2026.

This legal maneuver is commonly referred to as compassionate release.

Despite the motion being denied by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Shaveera’s attorney is now requesting the judge to grant the compassionate release.

The attorney argues that sentencing women to endure abuse in prison is unacceptable and should never be part of their punishment.

Criticizing the BOP for their inadequate response, they call for better care and protection for inmates like Shaveera.

While compassionate release ultimately falls under the jurisdiction of the judge, recommendations can be made to support such requests.

In an interview with KTVU, Colette Peters, President of the Prison Employees Union, expressed her willingness to make recommendations in appropriate cases for compassionate release.

The attorney has been advised to refile the motion once the officers involved have faced charges or sentencing.

Notably, one of the alleged abusers, an officer, died by suicide after being placed on leave during an internal investigation.

Amy Shaveera’s case is one among at least 30 women seeking compassionate release due to allegations of sexual abuse within the prison.

Advocates, such as the organization Families Against Editori Minimums, emphasize the urgent need to remove victims from an environment where they cannot heal.

They argue that the government should prioritize the safety of these women and provide them with a secure place, rather than using them as pawns in prosecuting the guards.

FCI Dublin has been embroiled in a sex abuse scandal, covered extensively by KTVU, involving five former officers, including the former warden, who was convicted of sex crimes.

The president of Families Against Editori Minimums highlights the importance of the government’s proactive response when credible allegations of abuse arise.

Despite the challenges ahead, Amy Shaveera remains determined to seek justice and secure her compassionate release from prison, hoping to put an end to the ordeal she has endured while incarcerated.

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