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Seoul and some parts of Gyeonggi have been issued with dry weather warnings today, amidst cloudy weather across the country.

While it is currently raining in Jeju, the rain is expected to continue until tomorrow morning, with some light rain forecasted for the southern coast tonight.

The sky is expected to clear up gradually from tomorrow afternoon, with sunny weather throughout the weekend.

However, please be aware of the large temperature fluctuations between morning and afternoon, as the air is dry.

Moreover, air quality has become drier, with Seoul and some parts of Gyeonggi under a special warning due to increased risk of wildfires.

Fine dust is expected to be imported to western regions from tonight.

The morning temperature in Seoul will be similar to the average level of the year in other regions, while the daytime temperature will rise up to 14 degrees Celsius in Seoul and 19 degrees Celsius in Daegu.

However, temperatures are expected to vary in the coming days, and there will be more rain next week.

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