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Dry and Cool: Storm Pulls Away Leaving Utah with Clear Skies and Sunshine

Utah residents woke up to a beautiful start on Thursday morning, as the storm from the previous day pulled away leaving behind clear skies and sunshine.

The Intermountain camera captured a stunning view of the state just a couple of hours ago, and it is expected to remain like that throughout the day.

With the snow piling up in various parts of the state, including Alta, Brighton, and Park City, Utah residents can now take a break from the wet weather and enjoy the sunshine.

The storm is heading towards the east of Utah, and high pressure is taking its place.

This high pressure will be the main character in the story over the next couple of days, keeping the state dry and cooler than usual.

However, Utah residents are advised to be careful while spending time close to the rivers as they are running fast, high, and cold.

While the temperatures will climb a bit, Utah will remain cooler than usual, with the mid-40s expected in most parts of the state.

However, the weather will be pleasant, making it an ideal time to spend time outside, go for a walk or wash the car.

The next few days will see cold mornings and pleasant afternoons, with each day getting warmer.


Patrick’s Day tomorrow will be warm in St.

George, with the temperatures reaching 60 degrees.

Low 60s are expected throughout the weekend, but the start of spring will bring wet weather back into the state, with temperatures dropping to the low 50s by Wednesday.

However, before that, Utah residents can enjoy the weekend with a great Bluebird day up at a resort and temperatures nearing 50 on Saturday.

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