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People were left shocked and outraged when a video surfaced online showing a drunk young boy riding a bull through the streets of Tapovan area in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

The incident, which has since gone viral, sparked a heated debate regarding animal cruelty.

The video captured the moment the boy hopped onto the bull’s back, riding it with ease as if it were a horse.

A concerned onlooker quickly followed the boy, recording the entire incident.

The footage, now widely circulated, drew the attention of the police who later apprehended the boy.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered that the boy’s reckless actions were driven by his intoxicated state, with no apparent motive behind his behavior.

He was given a warning and released.

However, the police have kept the video as evidence, emphasizing that any repeat of such actions will result in severe consequences.

Animal lovers expressed their anger over the incident, condemning it as a clear case of animal cruelty.

They emphasized the need to treat animals with respect and kindness, similar to how we treat fellow humans.

Some individuals, however, raised the issue of hypocrisy, questioning why similar outrage is not directed towards events like the Jallikattu festival in Tamil Nadu, where bulls are made to run.

Supporters of the boy’s actions argued that riding a bull like a horse seemed entertaining to them, echoing the popular catchphrase, “Red Bull gives you wings.” Nonetheless, the majority voiced their concern for the well-being of animals and the importance of upholding laws against cruelty.

In conclusion, the incident of a drunk young boy riding a bull in Uttarakhand has garnered significant attention and sparked discussions on animal cruelty.

While the boy was released with a warning, the incident serves as a reminder that such stunts are illegal and will not be tolerated.

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