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Drivers in I-95 pile-up want truck identified, offender cited

Commuters on southbound Interstate 95 in Port St.

Lucie had a terrifying experience on Monday, March 6th around 7 A.M.

A driver’s dash camera caught rocks and gravel being spilled from the back of a truck, causing a pile-up on the highway.

Witnesses say the rocks covered two lanes of the highway, causing chaos for drivers.

Ted Vandering and Patrick Sore were among the drivers caught in the pile-up.

Ted’s car had a cracked windshield and paint chips along his SUV.

He is now deciding whether to file a claim with his insurance company and pay his deductible or have the car painted himself.

Patrick Sorge, another driver caught up in the pile-up, hopes someone can identify the truck in question.

He said the incident was scary, and he doesn’t want the offender to get away with it.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the incident, but so far, they have been unable to identify the truck involved.

Commuters caught up in the pile-up are hoping that someone comes forward with information to identify the truck and hold the offender accountable for the damage and injuries caused.

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