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Drag performer speaks out against allowing children at drag shows

Kitty Demure, a drag performer from Los Angeles, recently spoke out against allowing children to attend drag shows in an appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime.

According to Demure, allowing kids to attend drag shows is “disgusting.” Demure believes that drag is an adult venue and an adult form of entertainment.

Drag performers get their training in adult entertainment venues and do not receive training for performing in front of children.

Demure also stated that as a gay man, he wants to go into a gay club, have a mimosa or a drink, and see a show without hearing kids crying.

Similarly, as a drag performer, he wants to be comfortable in his adult space without worrying about offending or indoctrinating children.

Actor Kevin Bacon and his wife recently expressed their support for drag queens dancing for kids, stating that it is not just a privilege but also a right.

The couple partnered with the ACLU and the Drag Defense Fund in support of allowing children to attend drag shows.

However, Demure argues that the real problem is that children do not belong in drag.

Drag is a centuries-old art form of creativity, expression, and self-exploration that is not intended for children.

According to Demure, if drag queens want to talk to children about drag, they should explain its true history of misogyny, where men played women’s parts since women were not allowed to perform on stage.

Demure believes that drag queens are not sharing this history with children.

Regarding Bacon’s involvement in the drag queen for kids deal, Demure suggests that it may be because Bacon lost all of his fortune during the Bernie Madoff fishing scam, along with many others who exploit people for profit.

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