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The NYPD made a startling discovery after receiving a tip that led them to retrieve more than a dozen firearms that were submerged in Jamaica Bay, Queens.

The discovery was made by a local fisherman who stumbled upon three rifles inside a plastic bag while checking out the water for the upcoming fishing season.

NYPD divers later discovered 14 handguns and three rifles inside a plastic bag.

The firearms had been reported stolen in a prior burglary, but investigators are trying to determine who left them at the bottom of the bay and how they got there.

The former Chief of Detectives, Robert Boyce, says the serial numbers on the firearms will play a crucial role in the investigation to determine their origins and how they ended up in Jamaica Bay.

The fisherman who made the discovery has no regrets in calling the police and feels a sense of relief but says he’ll hold off on fishing until he’s processed what happened.

Authorities are urging people to report anything suspicious and not to be afraid to do so.

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