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Norfolk Seeks Resident Input to Select Next Police Chief from Experienced Finalists ‘DoNotPay’ Robot Lawyer Creator Vows to Fight Lawsuit in Court

The creator of a popular app called “DoNotPay,” which uses artificial intelligence to help users fight traffic tickets in court, is facing a lawsuit alleging that the app lacks a law degree.

However, the app’s creator, Joshua Browder, is not backing down and plans to fight the lawsuit in court.

Some lawyers have criticized the app and even attempted to shut it down, but Browder remains committed to using technology to make the law more accessible to all Americans.

The lawsuit has sparked a debate about the role of technology in the legal profession, with some arguing that robots and other forms of automation may eventually replace human lawyers.

Despite the controversy, Browder says he is confident that his app will continue to help people fight traffic tickets and other legal issues in the future.

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