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Donald Trump’s scheduled rally in Iowa was abruptly canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

The announcement was made by Trump himself on his truth social account.

As of now, his team has not provided any information regarding the rescheduling of the rally.

Despite the weather, a significant number of Trump supporters had gathered in anticipation of the event.

The rally was supposed to commence in the evening at 7 o’clock, but it was ultimately called off, leading to disappointment among the attendees.

One disappointed supporter expressed their feelings, stating that they had eagerly anticipated the rally and had even informed their friends and teachers about it, regardless of their political preferences.

The cancellation appeared perplexing to some attendees, as the sky was described as clear with only a few clouds present.

The rescheduling of the rally remains uncertain, and further updates will be provided by Local 5, ensuring the community stays informed about any new developments.

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