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Former President Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual battery and defamation in the trial involving writer E.

Jean Carroll.

The jury concluded that Trump sexually assaulted Carroll in the mid-1990s and later defamed her by denying the allegations.

This marks the first time Trump has been held accountable for sexual misconduct in a trial.

After just three hours of deliberations, a civil jury in Manhattan reached the verdict.

Trump was ordered to pay $5 million in damages to Carroll.

Despite not showing up at the courthouse or testifying, Trump released a video response expressing his belief that he would not receive a fair trial due to a judge appointed by the Clintons.

He labeled the proceedings a “scam” and a “disgrace” to the country.

The jury determined that Trump sexually abused Carroll but did not rape her in a department store dressing room 27 years ago.

They also found that he defamed her by dismissing her claims as lies.

Trump maintains his innocence, claiming he had no knowledge of who Carroll was and that this is yet another political witch hunt.

He vowed to fight the ruling.

Carroll, on the other hand, left the Manhattan courthouse smiling and released a statement emphasizing her intention to clear her name.

She filed the lawsuit against Trump to reveal the truth, stating that today the world finally knows the truth.

The jury awarded her $5 million, with $2 million for the unwanted contact and $3 million for defamation.

Trump’s legal team plans to appeal the ruling, arguing that he cannot receive a fair trial in New York City.

However, the verdict may have consequences for his potential third run for president.

While many of his supporters seem unfazed by the outcome, the accumulated baggage and controversies surrounding Trump could eventually impact his candidacy.

Carroll sees the verdict as a victory for all women who have suffered due to not being believed.

Her lawsuit was filed under a new New York bill that allowed for assault allegations with expired statutes of limitations to be revisited.

As the former president continues his current campaign for…

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