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Doctor Warns Against Hiring Surgeons Based on Skin Color Rather than Skill


Richard Bosshardt has raised concerns about equity in the medical field on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and warned against hiring surgeons based on their skin color rather than their skill.

According to Bosshardt, the American College of Surgeons (ACs) has declared itself a tool of white supremacy and suggested that the practice of surgery may be racist.

The ACs now claims that patients should have their surgeries done by doctors from their racial group, similar to the practice during the Jim Crow era.

Bosshardt, a plastic surgeon who has been practicing for over 33 years and is board certified by the American Board of General Surgery, was banned for life from the ACs online discussion forums last year.

The ACs, which is the largest and oldest organization in the world representing surgeons and surgical patients, has changed its mission from promoting excellence in surgery and supporting surgeons and their patients to focusing on systemic racism.

Bosshardt stated that the ACs’ messaging now suggests that patients should be treated by surgeons of their own race, rather than the most skilled and trusted surgeon available.

He emphasized that skill and trust are the two most important factors to consider when choosing a surgeon, and that patients must trust that their surgeon has their best interests at heart.

Bosshardt’s concerns about equity in medicine have sparked a debate about the role of race in surgical practice.

However, he warned against prioritizing equity over skill and trust, arguing that this could have negative consequences for patients.

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