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In a shocking turn of events, court documents have revealed that the Southern California doctor accused of attempting to kill his family by driving his Tesla off Devil’s Slide Cliff in January is blaming the crash on tire problems.

The incident, which occurred in San Mateo County, left everyone in the car, including Dr.

Dhar Mesh Patel’s family, miraculously alive.

The latest development in this case comes as the 90-day seal on statements and evidence from the January crash has expired.

Inside the courthouse in Redwood City, Bay reporter Jesse Gary reports that new documents have been unsealed, potentially holding crucial evidence that could either exonerate or convict Dr.

Patel of the three counts of murder he faces.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding how a Tesla, with a family of four inside, careened off Devil’s Slide Cliff may become clearer now that the general order on evidence has expired, as stated by Judge Stephanie Garrett.

The evidence, a 15-page document prepared by investigators, was submitted to the court to obtain a warrant and conduct the necessary searches.

On that fateful day, Dhar Mesh Patel, accompanied by his wife and two children, was driving from their Belmont home after exiting the Tom Lantos Tunnel on Highway 1.

While behind the wheel of their 2021 Tesla Model Y, Patel allegedly drove over the cliff, plunging 330 feet down onto the rocks below.

After the crash, Dr.

Patel’s wife repeatedly informed rescuers that her husband had intentionally caused the incident and insisted that he required a psychiatric evaluation.

Furthermore, according to court documents, she stated during the airlift from the rocks that he deliberately drove off, citing his depression and claiming he had expressed his intention to drive off the cliff.

However, it remains unclear what should happen to her husband, as her focus is solely on holding him accountable for his actions.


Patel has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.

In the recently unsealed documents, he told investigators that prior to the crash, he had stopped at three gas stations along the way to address a warning concerning the air pressure in his left rear tire.

To inspect the tire’s air pressure, he moved the Tesla onto a dirt path, but somehow, the vehicle went over the edge.

The defense team representing Dr.

Patel intends to argue that his driving was careless or possibly reckless but not intentional murder.

Establishing intent will be crucial for the prosecution in this case.

Investigators have acknowledged that Dr.

Patel was depressed before the accident, attributing his actions to a momentary impulse triggered by the troubled state of the world, such as war and drug-related issues.

When asked if he was suicidal, Dr.

Patel responded that he did not have a plan, suggesting that impulsive actions can occur in the heat of the moment, leading to disastrous outcomes.

Prosecutors are yet to release witness statements, but the words of Dr.

Patel’s wife, combined with evidence from the tunnel, paint a chilling picture of attempted murder.

The case against Dr.

Patel will continue on June 12th in Redwood City, where he is currently being held without bail.

However, the possibility of revisiting his bail status may arise during his preliminary hearing.

As this shocking case unfolds, the courtroom in Redwood City remains a focal point for justice.

Jesse Gary reports live from outside the courthouse, providing updates on this ongoing investigation.

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