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Viewer-Submitted Video Shows El Paso Police Engaging in Forceful Detainment of Man

A video submitted by a viewer has surfaced, capturing a disturbing incident involving the El Paso Police.

The footage, which can be viewed on the KVIA website and app, depicts two officers forcefully detaining a man.

In the video, the man is seen lying face down on the ground, while the officers place their knees on his back.

Shockingly, the officers are also observed punching and kicking the subdued individual.

The video, recorded on Sunday night, spans approximately three minutes, but it does not provide context regarding the events leading up to the confrontation between the man and the officers.

Upon discovering the video, ABC-7 reached out to the police for comment.

In response, authorities stated that the incident is currently under review.

At this point, the names of the officers involved in the incident have not been disclosed.

The El Paso community and concerned citizens are encouraged to watch the complete video on the KVIA website and app to gain a comprehensive understanding of the events that transpired.

ABC-7 will commence its coverage of the border crisis at six o’clock, providing extensive updates and analysis on the matter.

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