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In an ongoing clash between Disney and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Disney CEO Bob Iger has called out DeSantis, expressing a different perspective on the situation.

The feud has escalated, with DeSantis accusing Disney of attempting to deceive him with the creation of a new self-governing district and keeping its people in place.

The governor believes this move was unfair.

However, the question arises: where would Disney go if they were to move? Moving back to California would mean facing higher taxes and potentially having to pay reparations, which is not favorable for businesses.

Moving to a red state would also pose challenges, as governors like Abbott would likely treat Disney similarly if they engaged in similar actions.

It seems that Disney and DeSantis are somewhat stuck with each other.

While DeSantis may have the upper hand in the long run, some supporters would prefer him to focus on broader agendas, such as the economy, rather than continuing the battle with Disney.

They see limited political benefits in the ongoing feud.

However, if DeSantis were not running for president, he would have a stronger position in this dispute.

Despite the potential distraction it may pose, DeSantis has raised around $110 million for his presidential campaign.

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