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Columbus, Ohio is gaining attention as a tourism destination, with various travel writers and media outlets highlighting the city’s many offerings.

Forbes recently called Columbus a Hidden Gem, while Good Housekeeping named it a very affordable destination for families.

According to Sarah Town of Experience Columbus, there’s something for everyone in the city, including the outdoorsman with Metro Parks and the Scioto Mile, the nature lover with the Franklin Park Conservatory and botanical gardens, and the curious mind with the COSI science museum.

Columbus is also celebrating its 150th birthday, and its central location makes it accessible to more than 50% of the United States with just an hour’s flight or a day’s drive.

Visitors looking for something new can take a city-wide rooftop tour or explore neighborhoods such as Lumen in the AC Marriott or Lincoln Social.

There’s plenty to do and see in Columbus this spring, making it a great tourist destination.

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