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CBS 42 Morning News Interviews Director of Regions Tradition Tournament

This morning on CBS 42 Morning News, host Dave welcomed George Shaw, the Director of the Regions Tradition Tournament, to discuss the upcoming event.

The interview shed light on the preparations and purpose of the tournament.

Dave started the conversation by asking Shaw about the course conditions for the day.

Shaw provided an update, mentioning that the course was in good shape and ready for the tournament.

The conversation then shifted to the behind-the-scenes efforts required to organize such a large-scale event.

Dave inquired about the logistics and the team’s dedication in putting together such an extravaganza.

Shaw acknowledged the immense effort it takes to ensure a successful tournament and highlighted the collaborative work of the entire team.

Dave further delved into the financial aspect of the tournament, questioning Shaw about the destination of the proceeds.

Shaw explained that a portion of the tournament’s proceeds would be allocated to a charitable cause, although the specific details were not discussed during the interview.

After wrapping up the interview with Shaw, Dave turned to the weather update and handed over to Storm Team Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum for the latest forecast.

As the segment concluded, Lillian and Aunie expressed their gratitude to Dave for the interview, signifying the end of the morning news segment.

In summary, the CBS 42 Morning News featured an interview with George Shaw, the Director of the Regions Tradition Tournament.

The interview covered topics such as the course conditions, the organizational efforts, and the charitable proceeds of the tournament.

Viewers were then provided with a weather update by Storm Team Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum.

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