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Dip in Temperatures Expected, Rain Unlikely in Tri-State Area

New York City, NY – May 9, 2023 – Today’s weather forecast suggests a dip in temperatures compared to previous days, but the rain is unlikely to impact most locations in the Tri-State area.

CBS2’s Elise Finch provides the latest updates on the weather conditions.

Despite the initial expectation of a cloudy day, it appears to be brighter than originally anticipated.

Currently, Central Park is experiencing partly cloudy skies with a temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit and a light wind from the north-northeast.

Yesterday’s high temperatures were pleasant across the region.

Monticello reached 70 degrees, Sussex recorded 76 degrees, and Bridgeport, Connecticut enjoyed a high of 77 degrees.

Other locations such as Lakehurst, Somerville, Belmar, Newark, JFK, White Plains, LaGuardia, and Central Park also experienced temperatures ranging from 75 to 80 degrees.

These temperatures were above the average or normal for this time of year, which the National Weather Service considers to be around 70 degrees.

The region was 7 degrees above the average yesterday.

Today, temperatures are expected to fall just short of the average, possibly reaching around 69 degrees.

Despite the earlier prediction of reaching a maximum of 64 degrees, the updated forecast suggests a slightly warmer day than initially thought.

Overall, it will still be a pleasant day for most.

In other news, signs of the approaching beach season are becoming apparent, with the sunset now occurring at around 8:00 PM, starting today and lasting until August 10th.

This signals the gradual transition towards warmer weather and beach activities.

Regarding rainfall, there are some clouds in the area, and a rain system from Pennsylvania is fizzling out as it moves towards the northern and northwest suburbs.

The rain is more vigorous across the peninsula, with only its edge reaching South Jersey.

Areas in Ocean County might experience drizzle or light rain.

The chance of showers remains at 30%, but tomorrow is expected to be mostly sunny, with temperatures warming up.

Thursday is anticipated to bring a surge of warm air, pushing temperatures 10 degrees or more above normal.

Highs of 80 degrees and hotter will make it feel more like June.

This trend of warm temperatures is expected to continue on Friday and Saturday, providing a nice stretch of hot weather.

The weather forecast for tomorrow shows mostly sunny skies with a high of 73 degrees.

The following days will see a stretch of temperatures in the low 80s before cooling down again for Mother’s Day.

Stay tuned for further updates on the weather as the week progresses.

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