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Dine with Tigers in Hemet: An Unforgettable Wildlife Experience

Residents of the Inland Empire have a rare opportunity to dine with rescued big cats at the Diamond Valley Lodge in Hemet.

This extraordinary event offers a chance to have dinner with real rescue tigers while learning more about wildlife conservation.

The grand opening of the lodge took place last night, and brunch will be served tomorrow.

The sanctuary currently houses four Bengal tigers, each with its own unique personality.

Some of them enjoy catnip, while others have different preferences.

The tigers are utilized for wildlife education, providing the community with valuable insights into conservation efforts.

Robin and Samantha, caretakers of these beautiful cats, emphasize the care and dedication required to protect the critically endangered Bengal tiger species.

They provide unparalleled care, including veterinary attention, specialized diets, and supplements.

With the assistance of a top-notch veterinary team in Southern California, the lodge ensures the tigers’ longevity, surpassing the average lifespan of tigers in the wild.

The lodge offers an unforgettable experience for guests attending the event.

Upon arrival, visitors receive a unique surprise, adding to the anticipation of the evening.

They are then treated to a captivating show and have the opportunity to bottle-feed the tigers and witness extreme feeding.

The entire experience promises to be a magical night, leaving guests amazed and often emotional.

Smiles, tears, and overwhelming joy are common reactions to being in the presence of these majestic creatures.

The caretakers, driven by an immense love for the tigers, have devoted their lives to their well-being.

With a deep passion cultivated since childhood, they consider it a privilege to care for these animals.

If you would like to meet the tigers and experience this incredible opportunity, you can visit the Diamond Valley Lodge’s website at

The lodge offers dinner events on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as brunch on Sundays.

Safety measures are implemented to ensure a secure environment for both visitors and the tigers, and everything is done with utmost care and affection.

Don’t miss the chance to roar with excitement and create lasting memories at the Diamond Valley Lodge in Hemet.

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