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Oklahoma has been hit by another round of severe storms, resulting in tornado damage across the state.

The recent storms brought multiple tornadoes, causing destruction in various areas, including Noble and Cole.

Last night, live coverage from KOCO showed the aftermath of a tornado that tore through Noble, damaging homes and businesses.

Sky Five’s aerial footage revealed the extent of the destruction, including a grocery store that will remain closed for an extended period.

Crews are actively working to restore power and repair damaged power lines in the affected areas.

Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries at this time.

However, Cleveland County deputies are assessing the damage and providing assistance with the cleanup efforts.

Storm chasers Nick Smith and Chris Lee captured videos of the tornado in Cole, where some damage was reported outside the town near 60th and Fernwood.

This specific area had not been hit by a previous tornado a couple of weeks ago, making the damage particularly significant.

The authorities and emergency response teams will continue to monitor the situation and provide support where needed.

The residents of Oklahoma are urged to stay alert and take necessary precautions during this active severe weather period.

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