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Residents in Laguna Heights, Texas woke up to the devastating aftermath of a deadly EF1 tornado that tore through their community at 4:00 in the morning.

With wind speeds reaching up to 110 miles per hour, the powerful storm claimed one life and left ten others injured.

The tornado caused extensive damage, with debris scattered all over the roadways and several homes completely lifted off their foundations and tossed onto others.

Meanwhile, in Greeley, Nebraska, another frightening twister was captured on camera.

A large funnel cloud hovered ominously, causing panic among witnesses.

In Spalding, Nebraska, yet another tornado touched down, as the slow-moving system dumped heavy rain across Texas.

Some individuals had to be rescued after their vehicles were submerged in water, and authorities responded to dozens of water rescues.

The threat of flooding continues, with flood alerts in effect through Sunday night in the southern plains.

The region also faces risks of damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes throughout the night, while heat alerts are in place through Monday on the West Coast.

As the Laguna Heights community begins its journey towards recovery, the strength of their close-knit community is evident, as neighbors come together to help in any way they can.

Catie Beck of NBC News, reporting from San Antonio, discusses the ongoing risks in Texas.

The area has experienced significant rainfall since the early hours of the morning, contributing to the hazardous conditions.

The residents remain vigilant and must stay prepared for any potential dangers that may arise.

Despite the destruction caused by these severe weather events, the resilience and support of the affected communities will play a crucial role in rebuilding and recovering from the aftermath of the deadly tornado.

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