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A deadly earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck Guayaquil and nearby regions in Ecuador on Saturday afternoon.

The disaster has resulted in at least 12 deaths and caused damage to homes and infrastructure in the affected areas.

Terrified people were seen running in fear in downtown Guayaquil, and customers inside a supermarket rushed outside in panic.

Anchors on live TV also evacuated the studio in response to the earthquake.

The US Geological Survey reports that the earthquake’s epicenter was 150 miles south of Waikil and near Cuenca.

Streets covered in rubble and falling structures have caused chaos, and rescue teams have been sent to evacuate the area.

The damage includes homes, schools, and hospitals, and there have been power outages in some areas.

The Ecuadorian government has reported at least one person dead and trapped inside a vehicle.

NBC News’ Guad Venegas has been reporting on the earthquake and has witnessed the devastation.

The pier in Machala has sunk into the water, trapping people inside the structure.

People are crying and many businesses have closed due to the disaster.

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