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Hundreds of migrants, including women and children, have been waiting at the US-Mexico border near San Isidro for the past few days, hoping to enter the United States before the emergency immigration restriction, Title 42, expires on May 11th.

According to CBS8 reporter Kelly Hesjedal, the migrants are mostly from Colombia, Jamaica, and India, and have been living in Mexico for weeks or even months, surviving on very little food and water.

Many of them are fleeing gang violence and other dangerous situations in their home countries.
The migrants are desperate for help and have been pleading with US Border Patrol agents for food and water.

Some of them have been eating leaves to survive, while others have been wrapped in foil to keep warm in the cold rain.

While some migrants have been taken into custody by US Customs and Border Protection for trying to enter the US illegally, many are still waiting behind the fence, hoping for a chance to plead their case for asylum.
The situation at the border is expected to change dramatically next week when Title 42 expires and Title 8 kicks back in, allowing migrants to apply for asylum in the United States.

However, until then, the migrants remain stranded and vulnerable, with little help or assistance.

Immigrant rights advocates are urging the US government to provide more resources and support for the migrants, who are facing extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.

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