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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has hinted at a potential bid for the 2024 presidential election during an event in Iowa.

The governor, speaking exclusively to NewsNation, urged everyone to wait for a potential announcement regarding his candidacy.

When asked directly if he would be entering the race, Governor DeSantis responded, “I have no news yet.” Despite remaining tight-lipped about his intentions, his appearance in Iowa, where he delivered a speech at a fundraiser, has fueled speculation about a presidential campaign.

Governor DeSantis returned to Iowa for the second time, engaging with supporters and garnering attention.

His presence alongside top Iowa Republicans, including Governor Kim Reynolds and Senator Joni Ernst, has sparked interest in his potential candidacy.

While these officials have not officially pledged their support to DeSantis, many Iowans expressed their hope that he would enter the race, considering him a strong contender for the White House.

A pro-DeSantis Super PAC has also rolled out its own bus, encouraging him to launch a presidential bid.

The grassroots enthusiasm evident in the crowd further indicates the level of support DeSantis enjoys among certain segments of the population.

However, despite this backing, former President Trump currently outperforms DeSantis in the polls, leading him by a significant margin in Iowa.

Governor DeSantis has been careful not to directly address Trump, but his statements contain subtle jabs at the former president.

He emphasized that governing is not about entertainment or building a personal brand but rather about producing results and winning.

While DeSantis awaits his moment to make an official announcement, Trump has scheduled a rally in Iowa, but it was ultimately canceled due to a tornado watch in the area.

Supporters who had gathered for Trump’s rally have already dispersed, and his campaign team is yet to announce a rescheduled date.

Meanwhile, DeSantis’s team remains confident and increasingly urges him to run for president.

They believe that DeSantis, rather than Trump, is the candidate who can effectively challenge former President Biden.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, all eyes are on Governor Ron DeSantis and the potential path he may take towards the 2024 presidential race.

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