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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Deployment of Law Enforcement to Texas-Mexico Border

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared that he will be dispatching more than 1,100 state law enforcement agents and National Guard members to the southern border of Texas with Mexico.

The decision comes amidst concerns about the increasing number of migrants crossing into the United States from Mexico.

In a statement, Governor DeSantis revealed that the deployment would consist of 800 members of the Florida National Guard, over 100 highway patrol troopers, as well as various aircraft and boats.

The move is aimed at providing support and assistance to border security efforts.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the situation regarding migrants has reached a critical point, with hotels and schools being converted into temporary shelters.

This has sparked dissatisfaction among parents, who staged a rally outside one of the schools to voice their concerns.

While expressing support for asylum-seekers, they emphasized their objection to housing migrants within educational institutions.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has been sounding the alarm about the influx of migrants into the city for months.

To date, the city has received over 65,000 migrants, and Mayor Adams estimates that taxpayers will incur a cost of over $4 billion for their care by the next year.

The issue has not been limited to New York City alone, as other major cities like Denver and Chicago are also grappling with similar challenges.

Reports indicate that migrants who have arrived in New York City have been there for several months.

Some spoke about their difficulties, including their children falling ill and feeling helpless in such circumstances.

In response to the growing situation, Mayor Adams has announced plans to house migrants in another well-known New York hotel in the coming days.

Despite some sympathetic residents, Mayor Adams has criticized the Biden administration, claiming that the federal government has not done enough to assist in addressing the issue.

He warns that city services may face cuts due to the strain caused by the surge in migrants.

The controversial plan to house migrants continues to stir debate not only in New York City but also in other major cities across the country.

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