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Democrats Criticize President Biden over Migrant Crisis at Southern Border

The ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border has prompted Democrats to lash out at President Joe Biden, questioning his handling of the situation.

During a recent appearance on the Fox Business show “Varney & Co.,” Republican Representative Pat Fallon from Texas expressed his disagreement with Biden’s claim that the crisis is improving.

Fallon highlighted alarming statistics, stating that the number of illegal border crossings has skyrocketed since Biden took office.

Comparing the numbers from April 2022 to the same month in 2020, when former President Donald Trump was in office, Fallon pointed out a staggering 1258% increase in illegal crossings.

He also noted that the country experienced a record-breaking 200,000 illegal crossings in the 14 months following Biden’s inauguration, surpassing any previous numbers.

Furthermore, Fallon criticized the lack of proper processing and court dates for migrants entering the country.

He claimed that approximately 100,000 individuals had been allowed in without an alien registration number or a scheduled court appearance.

According to Fallon, this approach creates an open border situation, raising concerns about national security.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York also joined the chorus of criticism against President Biden.

Adams expressed his frustration, questioning the president’s absence and calling for a national solution to address the migrant surge.

Adams emphasized that the issue should not be confined to border states like Texas but should be acknowledged as a national problem.

In response to the escalating crisis, some voices have suggested that Texas should redirect migrants to sanctuary cities and states that have declared themselves as safe havens for undocumented immigrants.

Fallon agreed with this sentiment, arguing that Biden’s policies have effectively turned every state into a border state.

The rising number of illegal crossings and the burden it places on states have led to growing concerns among politicians.

Fallon proposed an unconventional solution, suggesting that express buses be arranged to transport migrants to the residences of key political figures, such as Hakeem Jeffries, President Biden’s beach house in Delaware, the vice president’s house in Washington, D.C., and Chuck Schumer’s residence in New York.

The aim would be to raise awareness among policymakers about the challenges and consequences of mass migration when the identity of the individuals is unknown.

As the situation continues to escalate, there is a growing possibility that states or municipalities may refuse to accept migrants, leading to potential disputes over jurisdiction and responsibilities.

With an estimated seven million illegal crossings and the majority being economic migrants, tensions surrounding immigration policies and asylum claims are reaching a tipping point.

It is evident that the migrant crisis has become a significant point of contention between Democrats and Republicans.

While Republicans criticize the Biden administration’s handling of the situation, Democrats are increasingly demanding a comprehensive national solution to address the ongoing challenges at the southern border.

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