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Delays for Hawaiian Airlines continue after recent internet outage

Following a widespread internet outage on Friday, Hawaiian Airlines continues to face delays, leaving many passengers stranded and frustrated.

The airline had to cancel four transpacific flights and three inter-island flights due to the outage.

Travelers recount their experiences of chaos and inconvenience as they struggled to rebook flights and secure hotel accommodations.

One passenger, Jaime, expressed the frustration felt by many, stating, “They were trying to rebook all the flights and give our hotel accommodations, but it was a mess.

We were here almost 12 hours yesterday.” Another passenger named Jay complained about the long waits at the guest service line and the difficulties in retrieving luggage.

The overall sentiment among those affected was that flying out that day was a terrible experience, with trickle-down effects causing inconvenience and uncertainty.

The impact of the outage reached even the elderly passengers who were unfamiliar with the self-check-in kiosks.

Dave, a senior citizen, shared his confusion and concern, saying, “Well, I try to check in, my wife’s handicap…

So I don’t know what’s going on.

Nobody’s here to, I can get some help from.

I’ve got a dog I have to get on board.

We have to catch a 2:45 flight to Portland, and it doesn’t look great.”

The frustration extended beyond local residents.

A Wisconsin resident shared pictures of the chaotic scene at the airport, describing multiple delays and cancellations that disrupted his travel plans.

Terry, another affected passenger, mentioned the financial losses incurred due to the lack of timely information from Hawaiian Airlines.

He explained, “We had already sacrificed one evening at a very expensive hotel over on the Big Island.

So that cost us $700 when Hawaiian Airlines could have told us early on in this process, your flight is not going to take off, and you need to cancel all your reservations.”

Hawaiian Airlines issued a statement acknowledging the unacceptable situation and inconvenience caused to stranded passengers.

They assured that efforts were underway to accommodate most of the affected guests and resolve the travel disruptions.

The airline expressed its commitment to rectify the situation and regain the trust of the passengers and the community.

However, passengers remained dissatisfied with their experiences, vowing not to fly with Hawaiian Airlines again.

Terry stated, “It was my first experience with them, and it will be my last.

And get the $700 that they owe me canceling my Hawaiian credit card.” Jay added the additional challenges of traveling with children, making the situation even tougher.

Hawaiian Airlines emphasized that they are actively working with affected passengers to address their individual circumstances and mitigate the rolling delays that continued into the following day.

Passengers were advised to arrive early and use alternate means of transportation to avoid parking issues at Lihue Airport on Kauai.

The aftermath of the internet outage served as a stark reminder of the importance of reliable connectivity for airlines and the significant impact it has on travel operations and customer satisfaction.

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