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Passengers Face Delays After Data Outage Resolved

What was expected to be a short 35-minute flight turned into a day of frustration for travelers aboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Kauaʻi to Oʻahu.

The airline experienced a data outage, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded on the tarmac for hours.

Passengers anxiously waited for updates on their flights, only to be informed that the pilot had exceeded their allotted flying time and additional flight crews were needed.

Frustrated by the extended delay, Mike and Dinah Perez made the decision to leave the airport and check into a local hotel after nearly six hours of waiting.

Speaking from Hilo, Mike Perez expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

“When I redid this thing online, I had to pay a $230 service change.

I told the guy on the phone, ‘You guys messed up, don’t you normally waive that?’ Not only did you guys not pay for, like, $200 for the hotel, another $230 for something I didn’t even do.”

To ensure the situation did not escalate, armed state sheriffs arrived at the gate where passengers were gathered, maintaining order and ensuring everyone remained calm.

The resolution of the data outage is a relief for Hawaiian Airlines, but the delays have caused inconvenience and frustration for many passengers.

The airline is now working to accommodate affected travelers and minimize further disruptions to their travel plans.

As the situation unfolds, passengers are advised to stay updated on any changes to their flights and to contact the airline for assistance.

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