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Waukesha Police Release Disturbing Bodycam Video of Tragic Shooting, 2 Officers Injured, Female Shooter Dead Alpharetta Police Investigate Shooting at North Point Mall Carnival

At least nine people were injured and an unspecified number of people have died after a shooting incident that occurred at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, north of Dallas.

The suspect was reportedly “neutralized” by an officer who responded to an unrelated call.

The officer heard gunshots and quickly went to the scene, engaged the suspect and called for ambulances.

A multi-agency response team also arrived on the scene to help.

The governor has pledged to provide support to the state.

The chief of police expressed his deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and said that the incident was a tragedy.

The chief of the fire department said that his team immediately implemented their active attack integrated response and rescue task force with the police to quickly attend to the victims.

Nine victims were transported to two area trauma facilities.

More details about the incident are yet to be released.

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