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Dave Dling reporting on a major update: new information has surfaced about the criminal history of the man accused of causing a fatal chain reaction crash. Adam Ableson now faces charges, including vehicular homicide, for the November 4th crash.

Jennifer Dowling, from Fox 13, analyzed the documents and joins us live with the details. Good evening, Jennifer. Prosecutors reveal that there have been approximately 50 warrants issued for Ableson’s arrest locally, and he has been accused of multiple crimes.

Court documents also show that investigators not only believe he caused the crash but also discovered drug paraphernalia in the front seat at the time. This devastating incident occurred at the intersection of Fifth and Battery, where Ableson allegedly ran a red light, struck another car, and sent a metro bus flying into a pedestrian and nearby building. Charging documents state that Ableson was speeding well above the 25 mph limit, failed to slow or stop for the red light, and collided with a Prius before hitting the bus and redirecting it towards the southeast corner. Tragically, pedestrian Amanda Schneider, who attempted to run, was struck and killed. Incidents involving buses like this are rare, especially considering the number of bus routes and rides that occur daily.

The chances of this happening to someone are very slim on Metro; however, the value of this victim’s life remains unquestionable, and the seriousness of this case cannot be understated. It is truly a heartbreaking tragedy. There were 14 passengers on the bus at the time, with 11 of them being taken to the hospital.

Officers reported finding drug paraphernalia in Ableson’s car, suggesting it may have played a role in the crash. We will act promptly if we receive further information from Seattle Police investigators. Currently, Ableson is facing charges of vehicular homicide, reckless driving, and driving without a valid operator’s license.

His extensive criminal record includes hit and run, vehicle prowling, making false statements to a public servant, theft, and organized retail theft. Prosecutors argued for a bail amount of $500,000 to ensure that this information is presented before the court.

According to court documents, state toxicology lab technicians are currently investigating whether Ableson was under the influence at the time of the crash. Reporting from Seattle, this is Jennifer Dowling for Fox 13 News..

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