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Last, we shared the story of a dog named Sparky was rescued from a pond in Queens. On Halloween, two officers learned that the 8-year-old dog had gotten loose from its owners and found itself in trouble.

Today, we have an update from the officers involved in the rescue at Basley Pond Park, where Sparky was reunited with its owners. Sonrone, a reporter from Eyewitness News, has more from South Jamaica. Picture this: you’re at a pond in the park and you spot a dog struggling in the water with no owner in sight.

That’s exactly what a woman witnessed here a week ago. She immediately called 911 in the hopes that someone could save him.

The two brave police officers who responded wasted no time. Though they couldn’t see Sparky, they could hear his cries for help.

That was enough for them to spring into action and jump into the water. Officers Brandon Williams and Mar ESP Bazito located the 911 caller near the pond, and she pointed them towards Sparky. He had drifted into some weeds, and while the water was shallow, it was also uneven. The officers had to navigate cautiously, as each step was unpredictable.

Despite the struggle, they managed to reach the dog. The water was freezing, and Sparky was understandably scared. After extracting him from the pond, they brought him into their car to warm up. Once he warmed up, Sparky’s friendly nature emerged. He was grateful for the assistance.

However, what the officers and the 911 caller didn’t realize at the time was that Sparky was blind. They noticed his cloudy eyes later on, which explained his disorientation. Upon further investigation, they discovered that Sparky had been reported missing online by the ACC a day before.

This 8-year-old Border Collie mix had unknowingly become separated from his owners. Thankfully, the officers knew how to contact the owner and arranged for him to be reunited with Sparky.

They took him to the vet to address his hypothermia and ensured that he was in good health. For the officers, who both have beloved dogs of their own, the relief was immense. In the moment, they couldn’t help but think, “What if this were my dog? I would hope someone would help.” The satisfaction of knowing they saved a dog and reunited him with his family was unparalleled. We have many questions for Sparky’s family, but unfortunately, they have chosen not to share their side of the story.

All we know is that Sparky was reported missing from the neighborhood and that he is now doing well..

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