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A school resource officer in Colorado is gaining popularity among students for his impressive dance moves.

Deputy Chad Wheat, also known as the “dancing deputy”, started working at a high school in Colorado in late 2020.

After being asked to give a safety talk to students, he decided to make it fun by showing off his dance skills.

A video of his dance performance has gained over 18,000 likes and hundreds of shares on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Deputy Wheat is committed to fostering connections with the students he protects by being involved in extracurricular activities such as sports, theater, choir, band, and even construction and PE classes.

His latest task is to perform with the Palm Squad dance team to show his support for the students.

Students appreciate Deputy Wheat’s efforts to make them feel seen and appreciated.

He is always trying to find ways to support them best.

Local news station KPHO encourages people to share stories of kindness or good deeds in the community on their website or by email.

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