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Dallas Police Body Camera Shows Officer Shooting Armed Suspect During Struggle

An armed suspect in Dallas, who had cut off his ankle monitor and was a probation violator, put officers and the public in danger, according to the Dallas Police Chief.

Two officers were in a close call with the suspect on Sunday evening when he fired a shot at them while they wrestled with him.

The body camera video released by Dallas Police shows the struggle between the officers and the gunman who shot at them at close range.

The officers repeatedly gave commands to the suspect to surrender, but he resisted and even asked a bystander for help.

Senior Corporal Matthew McLean first used a taser, which was ineffective, and the suspect then fired a shot that hit a nearby apartment.

Officer Kimberly Esquivel then shot and critically injured the suspect.

The incident occurred less than a minute after the officers arrived at an apartment complex in Old East Dallas.

The apartment manager had called the police, reporting that the suspect was wanted for previous crimes, including ramming a stolen vehicle into a police car.

The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Hernan Gutierrez, was on federal probation for weapons and drug violations but had cut off his ankle monitor last August.

He had a warrant for his arrest at the time of the confrontation.

Chief Eddie Garcia praised the officers for their handling of the situation, saying that Officer Esquivel’s decision in the face of danger saved lives on Sunday.

Gutierrez has been charged with aggravated assault on a public servant, but more charges are expected.

The suspect’s prior criminal history includes drug and DWI charges, as well as two kidnapping convictions.

The police chief has repeatedly called for tougher measures, including legislation that would make it a state jail felony for tampering with an ankle monitor.

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