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Former President Donald Trump claimed that he would be indicted on Tuesday, but as of yet, a Manhattan grand jury has not made a decision.

NewsNation host Chris Cuomo believes that this is proof that the country cannot trust what Trump says.

Cuomo admits that they have been played by Trump once again, as they are waiting for an indictment that may not be coming.

Trump drove a news cycle and raised over a million dollars for his campaign off the anticipation of an arrest.

Cuomo warns that this is proof that you cannot count Trump out and that you often cannot trust what he says.

Meanwhile, there is a change in the state of play in the Trump classified documents investigation.

The judge in the case has ruled that the special counsel has made a prima fascia case of criminality involving Trump, which could mean that he intentionally misled even his lawyers about what he knew he had.

As a result, attorney-client privilege has been waived, and prosecutors are being given access to texts and other communications between Trump and his attorney.

Despite this new development, Trump is once again crying foul and casting blame.

Cuomo warns that we must be careful and discusses how this new development changes things.

He reminds viewers to rely on fact-driven coverage and directs them to find NewsNation on their television provider and click the red subscribe button for more.

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