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sides of the months-long actors’ strike are reportedly close to reaching an agreement, but a deal has not been reached yet. The main issue revolves around the use of artificial intelligence.

There may be a breakthrough soon. Samantha Say from KTLA has been following the negotiations in Hollywood. The actors’ union continues to protest in front of major studios. The use of artificial intelligence in the industry is being discussed, with a possible breakthrough reported.

The new deal would provide protections and compensation for performers whose images are used through AI. The actors’ union wants veto power over digital doubles and the ability to limit the number of digital background actors or characters in any production.

Over 70,000 people in Southern California are part of the union. The strike has already cost the California economy nearly $68 billion and 45,000 entertainment jobs.

LA City Council President Paul Koretz has urged both sides to end the strike, emphasizing the industry’s importance to the region. If a deal is not reached by November, it would be impossible for broadcasters to salvage half a season of scripted television, impacting shows like Euphoria and The Last Of..

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