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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

woman has been arrested and put in jail after causing chaos at a Walgreens in Sacramento. This incident has added to the fear and discomfort that people already feel about the area.

The neighborhood has experienced multiple business closures in recent years, leading some to worry that the Walgreens could be next. Luke Clary reports live from the scene, where he states that scenes like this are unfortunately common in this area, with many empty storefronts and broken windows. Local residents are upset about the changes to their once-safe neighborhood and the increasing crime levels.

Stunned customers and employees witnessed the woman’s disorderly conduct, which led to her arrest. Christian Garland, who grew up nearby, expresses his disappointment in the deterioration of the area’s safety. Many popular businesses have closed down recently, leading Christina Rogers, the president of the Land Park Community Association, to fear that Walgreens might be next.

This is saddening, as this business provides employment for middle-class and working-class individuals who rely on it to support their families. Despite the city’s efforts to develop affordable housing and improve walkability, the state of the neighborhood remains concerning.

Rogers and others are calling on the community and the city to prioritize security and protect the historic charm of Broadway. Visible signs of this decline are the increasing number of pole-mounted security cameras in the area. These cameras are meant to deter theft and illustrate the worsening conditions that neighbors are witnessing. The hope is to reverse this trend before more businesses are forced to close.

The Broadway complete streets project is also underway, aiming to improve safety and make the area more appealing for pedestrians and cyclists..

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