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A 4-year-old girl was bitten by a coyote while playing in her front yard this morning. Mesa Police were able to locate and kill the coyote. The good news is that the little girl is now back home and resting. 12 News journalist Adriana Loya was there as she returned home from the hospital.

Meet four-year-old Blair, she has quite a story to tell. Despite being scared during the incident, Blair did not cry. She only cried when she received shots as part of the rabies protocol. Blair’s dad mentioned that she only made a fuss during vaccinations, not when the coyote bit her.

The incident occurred when Blair’s 9-year-old sister went outside to play with a friend after breakfast. Blair followed her sister and sat down in the front yard.

A coyote suddenly appeared and bit her. The incident lasted less than 20 seconds.

Blair’s 9-year-old sister was hysterical, while Blair calmly told her father that she had been bitten by a dangerous animal. Initially, her father did not believe her since she was so calm, but when he checked, he saw a bite mark on her hip. After biting Blair, the coyote traveled south and encountered another neighbor, who scared it away by screaming and spraying it with a garden hose. Mesa Police later killed the coyote.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department will conduct tests to check for rabies. According to the agency, there have been 24 coyote attacks on people in the area over the past 26 years. Neighbors reported that the coyote had been seen in the area for about a week prior to the incident. Fortunately, Blair only needed two stitches for her wound.

As a reward for her bravery, she received her favorite things, including ice cream and a new doll..

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