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Utah Governor Spencer Cox has signed a series of bills into law that will offer millions in tax cuts and credits to provide relief for Utahns facing rising costs due to inflation.

The bills include an income tax cut for an average Utah family, a social security income tax cut, and an exemption for unborn children.

The bill also removes the state portion of the sales tax on food, but voters must approve a constitutional amendment for the state to dip into the earmark on income tax for education.

Other bills signed into law include expanding child tax credit and reducing the gas tax by $0.2, which will provide $25 million in tax relief to the citizens of the state.

However, the legislature has faced criticism for not going far enough with the tax cuts, despite Utah’s booming economy.

The new tax on electric vehicle charging stations is designed to solve the problem of declining revenue from the gas tax, which pays for roads.

Watchdogs on Capitol Hill are happy with the tax cuts as they provide relief for those struggling to make ends meet.

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