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Tech executive Bob Lee was fatally stabbed in San Francisco on April 4th, and court documents reveal that the suspect, Nima Momeni, confronted Lee about his little sister before the attack.

According to the court papers, the events leading up to the violent incident began on April 3rd, when Lee and an unnamed friend met up with Kazar Momeni, the sister of the defendant, at an apartment on Mission Street.

Lee later spoke to Nima Momeni on the phone, who questioned whether his sister was “doing drugs or anything inappropriate.” Lee assured the brother that nothing inappropriate had happened.
Later that night, Lee went to Kazar’s apartment in the Millennium Tower, and at about 2 A.M., surveillance footage showed Nima Momeni and Lee getting into Momeni’s white BMW before driving to a secluded area on Main Street under the Bay Bridge.

There, prosecutors believe that Nima Momeni stabbed Lee three times with a four-inch kitchen knife and left the scene.

Lee stumbled down Main Street to the Portside apartment building, where he collapsed.
Prosecutors say that Kazar Momeni had sent a text to Lee saying she wanted to make sure he was doing okay because she knew her brother had come down hard on him.

Nima Momeni has been charged with murder, but his family sent heart symbols to him during the court hearing, and they believe he is not guilty.

Armamenty and her husband were in court on Friday but had nothing to say.

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