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Court documents reveal shocking details in the assault case involving actor Jonathan Majors.

According to an unsealed complaint, Majors is accused of twisting his girlfriend’s arm and hitting the side of her head during a domestic dispute that occurred in March.

The complaint, which was presented in court today, highlights the seriousness of the assault accusations against the actor.

Majors’ legal team has strongly refuted the allegations, claiming that his girlfriend’s story has been inconsistent and has undergone several changes.

They also assert that there is video evidence that will prove Majors’ innocence in this matter.

In other news, lawmakers in New Jersey are vehemently criticizing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) congestion pricing plan.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer and Robert Menendez have expressed concerns about the proposal, stating that it will have a detrimental impact on the environment in both New York and New Jersey.

Under the congestion pricing plan, drivers traveling south of 60th Street will be charged $23.

The MTA intends to implement this plan as early as next year.

However, officials are worried about the potential harm it may cause to residents in various areas, including the Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, and Bergen County.

The MTA’s own report estimates that there will be significant increases in traffic and pollutants, particularly nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and toxins like formaldehyde in the outer boroughs, including Bergen County.

These findings have raised concerns among federal authorities regarding the potential consequences of the congestion pricing plan.

The assault case involving Jonathan Majors continues to unfold, with court documents shedding light on the allegations against him.

Meanwhile, the debate surrounding the MTA’s congestion pricing plan rages on, with lawmakers expressing fears about its environmental impact and potential harm to residents in the affected areas.

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