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Reedley High School Football Player Makes Miraculous Comeback after Stage 4 Cancer Battle

Reedley, CA – A courageous high school athlete has triumphed over cancer and returned to the football field, defying all odds.

Malachi Rios, a junior at Reedley High School, recently announced that he is now in remission after a grueling battle with stage 4 testicular cancer that had spread to his right lung and lymph nodes.

Rios first learned of his diagnosis in December, and since then, he has shown remarkable strength and determination in his fight against the disease.

Following emergency surgery and three rounds of chemotherapy, Rios experienced the physical and emotional toll of the treatment.

Losing his hair during the second round was particularly difficult, but he found solace and inspiration through a special friendship formed at Valley Children’s Hospital.

During his time at the hospital, Rios met Alexander, another young cancer patient, who helped him gain perspective and courage.

Rios cherishes a bracelet given to him by Alexander’s mother, which he wears as a constant reminder of their bond.

Despite the hardships they faced, Rios and Alexander continue to support each other, hoping for a shared future in remission.

Rios credits his medical team, led by a group of compassionate doctors, for making his arduous journey more bearable.

However, he reserves his deepest gratitude for his mother, who has been his unwavering source of love and support throughout his battle with cancer.

Rios acknowledges the significant role his faith has played in his life, and he maintains a strong connection with God, relying on his faith to navigate any obstacles that come his way.

Displaying unwavering resilience, Rios wasted no time in returning to his passion for football.

Just a week after completing his chemotherapy, he rejoined his team for practice, eager to get back in the game.

Rios is aware of his limitations and rests when necessary, but he strives to be fully present and contribute to his team’s success.

Valley Children’s Hospital highlighted the unique nature of testicular cancer in children and teenagers, emphasizing Rios’ remarkable progress and resilience.

To witness him now, it is hard to believe that a few months ago, he was battling a life-threatening disease at such an advanced stage.

Rios expressed his profound gratitude to his football family and the Reedley community for their unwavering support during his challenging journey.

Malachi Rios has not only conquered cancer but has also emerged stronger, ready to face any challenges both on and off the football field.

His remarkable story serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us of the power of determination, faith, and community support in the face of adversity.

Reporting live from the studio, I’m Nic Garcia for ABC30 Action News.

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