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Couple Arrested after Taking Baby to Doctor

The mother of a newborn baby and her boyfriend have been arrested following concerns raised by staff at a pediatrician’s office in Peachtree City.

The four-day-old infant is now in state custody.

According to reports, the couple brought the newborn to the pediatrician’s office, but the staff became suspicious when they refused to provide their names or any information about the baby.

Additionally, the staff noticed that the car the couple was driving did not have a license plate.

These factors raised concerns that the baby might have been abducted.

The alleged parents provided misleading information, further raising suspicions about their identity and the condition of the child.

The staff at the pediatrician’s office decided to contact the police.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the SUV the couple arrived in was reported stolen, and drugs were found in the possession of the boyfriend, along with methamphetamine in the vehicle.

It was revealed that the mother had given birth to the baby at an Atlanta hospital four days prior and had left with the child after only four hours.

Medical staff at the hospital had expressed concerns about possible drug use by the mother, which led to her decision to leave early.

However, leaving the hospital shortly after delivery is not a crime, regardless of the reason.

The couple is wanted for felony crimes in Colorado, where the stolen SUV originated.

The ongoing investigation has also uncovered evidence of a history of identity fraud and financial transaction card fraud.

The couple is currently in custody at the Fayette County Jail and awaits extradition to Colorado to face felony charges.

As for the newborn baby, the authorities have placed the child in protective custody while they determine the best course of action.

Further details about the case are expected to emerge as the investigation continues.

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