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Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez faces the possibility of being removed from office after County Attorney Jenny Dorsey re-filed a petition accusing him of incompetence and official misconduct.

The move came on the same day that Gonzalez appealed to county leaders to pay for his defense in the civil action.

During public comment, Gonzalez asked the county to pay his legal fees, stating that he had been sued twice in his public capacity and the county had agreed to represent him on both occasions.

The petition, which included 28 exhibits and was more than 30 pages long, will be sent back to the visiting judge, who will decide whether the case moves forward.

Gonzalez referenced the anniversary of the landmark decision from Gideon versus Wayne Wright, which guarantees counsel to defendants who cannot afford it, and compared his situation to movies like Braveheart and The Legend of Billie Jean during his plea to the county to pay his legal fees.

County Judge Connie Scott said that the county was not yet prepared to provide Gonzalez with an attorney and was waiting for an attorney general opinion on the matter.

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